Starbucks on the Go Workplace

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Enjoy the Starbucks experience in your workplace

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Starbucks on the go workplace allows you to bring the look and feel of a Starbucks coffeehouse to your office, creating moments of connection for your staff.

  • A range of premium coffee drinks including flat white and a choice of two coffee beans to meet the different tastes of your employees.
  • A modern compact format that fits into contemporary office space and creates the authentic Starbucks experience.
  • The option of ceramic cups to support CSR.
  • Touchscreen and cashless or free-vend to make it easy and convenient for your employees to use.


Your Starbucks menu

A selection of coffeehouse customer favourites.

Genuine Starbucks recipes, fresh coffee beans and perfectly foamed real milk are used to create each Starbucks on the go drink.
There’s a choice of Starbucks brewed coffees including Flat White, refreshing Teavana teas as well as delicious hot chocolate to provide your employees with premium coffee favourites, making them feel valued and engaged.
To give employees even more choice, there are also two coffee bean options.

  • Introducing the new Starbucks Blonde® Roast – a lighter option with a smooth, mellow taste. This new Starbucks product has been created to work with milk-based coffee drinks that are popular in the UK market.
  • Dark Espresso Roast, brewed from the same 100% Fairtrade beans as Starbucks’ stores.


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Modern Starbucks branded design

starbucks on the go machines

To help create that authentic Starbucks experience, the Starbucks on the go workplace concept is available in a choice of two designs – Pike Place and Coffee Passion – making it instantly recognisable to your staff whilst also fitting into your existing office design.

  • At only 1200mm wide, it is easy to fit this compact design into your office.
  • Modern coffee machines that can be cleaned in 15mins daily so you can continue providing your employees with the coffeehouse experience throughout the day.
  • It has an easy to use touchscreen and is available with cashless options or free-vend to make it convenient for your employees to use, encouraging them to make those moments of connection with each other.

How it works

How it works

  • The GEM Team install and supply all equipment, furniture and ingredients
  • Technical support with rapid response to any technical issues, including parts
  • Available as free-vend, or with payment options including debit card, credit card and contactless device payment.




Ethically sourced productsEthically_Sourced_Products

Since Starbucks opened its first store in 1971, it has and will always be about coffee quality. Starbucks is passionate about ethically sourcing only the finest Arabica beans, roasting them with great care and working to buy coffee in a way that respects the people and the places that produce it. A commitment to responsible purchasing practices, farmer support centres, loan programmes and forest conservation efforts, creates a better future for farmers and for the planet.

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