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Apprentice to Administrator

Sameenas Story . . . Sameena joined the GEM Vending Team in September 2014 as a Sales and Marketing Apprentice.  Since her initial introduction to the world of vending she’s come on leaps and bounds.  Here’s how she’s achieved it . . . Work, Earn and Learn! While studying at Derby College doing AS Levels Sameena […]

Macmillan, Cake and Coffee

Charity . . . Macmillan Cancer Support was founded over 100 years ago and has grown to be the UK’s leading source of cancer support. Helping more and more people affected by cancer the Macmillan brand has become both strong and reliable. The charity has reached millions of people offering a source of personal and […]

Birchall Tea

There’s nothing like a good cup of tea. But can you get a decent cuppa from a vending machine? Well the answer is yes and here’s how we do it . . . At GEM we believe the key is in the quality of the tea. That’s why we only use Birchall Great Rift loose […]

Withdrawal of Old £1 Coin from 15 October 2017

Ten days to go . . . and the old pound coin will be withdrawn from circulation. From 11.59pm on Sunday 15th October the old round style £1 coin will cease to be legal tender. So be aware . . . and either use, exchange, or bank any of the old style £1 coins you may […]

Leicester Business Exhibition October 2017

The Leicester Business Exhibition 2017 (LBE17) Summer is turning to Autumn, the holidays are over and at GEM we are gearing up to attend this year’s LBE17 – Leicestershire’s longest running Business Exhibition.  This event is being held at Leicester King Power Stadium, postcode LE2 7FL on Thursday 26th October.  Doors open at 9am and close around […]

How to make a proper cup of tea

Among some of the most popular topics of discussions in the workplace such as best chocolate bar, best dunkable biscuit is the renown debate of “how to make a proper cup of tea”. There are many opinions on this topic from changing the order of ingredients to timings. At GEM Vending we are passionate about […]

Benefits of Drinking Coffee in the Work Place

There are health benefits to drinking coffee; Lifestyle . . . Coffee is one of the world’s most commonly consumed beverages with lots of us visiting coffee shops on a daily basis. As well as the obvious social and wellbeing benefits meeting for a coffee can bring, recent reports suggest drinking coffee can lower the […]

Contactless Vending Machines

One of the subjects that comes up for discussion regularly with our customers is whether they should be choosing one of the contactless vending machines. Our answer is always “it depends on your consumer”. When contactless first came out, adoption in the UK was slow. However, recent studies indicate that contactless payments are a huge […]

Cake Machine Update

Image of Cake Machine Graphics

After a great success at The Bistro College, the cake machine has made it to its second location of the trial, this time in a factory setting. Staff can now enjoy something different to the typical chocolate bar you would find in a normal vending machine, and are enjoying a cake, muffin, flapjack or biscuit […]

Breaking News! Dates for new Pound Coin released!

Following our blog back in September in reference to the new pound coin, The Royal Mint have now announced release dates. There are three main time frames that will help businesses like us to prepare for the new change in currency: October 2016 to March 2017 Preparation for the new coin Our vending equipment needs […]