Keurig® Brewing Systems

The Keurig® brewer uses the K-Cup® pod system; each K-Cup® pod contains the finest ingredients, ground, measured, and sealed in an airtight container to deliver quality and freshness every time. However you like your coffee, you’ll find a K-Cup® pod to suit your tastes, and there’s also a range of quality teas and hot chocolate.

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Product dimensions

(height x depth x width)

337mm x 290mm x 241mm

Key features

  • 18 product K cup choices
  • easy push button user interface or touchscreen interface
  • plumbed or tank fed
  • 3 drink size options

Product capabilities

  • Carousel
  • Cup and lid holder
  • Wire display rack

Configurations available

  • Keurig® K140 tank fed brewer
  • Keurig® K150P plumbed in brewer

Green credentials

  • Rainsforest Alliance accreddited
  • Fair trade accredited
  • organic range

Recommended products

  • K-Cup® pods Green Mountain range
  • Fair Trade and Organic
  • Twinings Teas
  • Barista Prima range of Coffees

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