Healthy Vending Machines

The need for the right balance of products in your vending machines is very important. At GEM Vending we understand our role and ensure that we offer both healthier choices and FREE nutritional information so you not only get a healthier vending machine but your customers also make more informed decisions.

GEM’s Healthy Vending Machines have:

  • QR Code for nutritional information on all products
  • A Guaranteed minimum healthier alternatives products
  • A “Spot the Dot” logo to easily identify healthier products

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Innovations in healthy vending machines

QR Code on our Healthy Vending MachinesGEM Vending remain UNIQUE in the world of healthy vending machines. We are the only Vending machine company to display QR codes on every vending machine, linking you directly to FREE nutritional information for every drink and every product displayed prior to purchase. This allows users of our healthy vending machines to make more informed choices about what they are consuming without restricting choice.

Want to know how many calories are in a Cappuccino? Now you can!

We also work with our clients by offering a healthier eating programme by including a guaranteed minimum of healthier alternative products along with healthier guest lines and machine marketing.

Communication is key to healthier choices

Healthy Vending Machines at GEM Vending

Can you “Spot the Dot” on these drinks?

The key to education in this area is communicating the healthier choice to the customer in an easy format. Each healthier product has a green dot alongside the vend price. Our large green ‘Spot the Dot‘ logo is displayed prominently on every machine to advertise ‘low calories’, ‘low salt’, ‘reduced sugar’ and many more.

GEM Vending are also committed to supporting the Food Allergen regulations December 2014 by displaying Allergen advice labels on all machines, offering further information via our FREE QR codes and our website.

Our commitment to you:

  • GEM Vending will consistently trial new healthier products
  • FREE QR codes on every machine will display current information at all times.
  • Overall GEM Vending will display a minimum of 15% total merchandising space to healthier choices.

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