Our Values and Commitments

GEM Vending are proud of our values and what makes us different. We believe our values are shared by working in partnership with our customers, our community and our staff.

Established in 1968, GEM Vending can bring a world of knowledge and experience to your business. The things that we value are the things that our customers and partners also value:

Our Service Promise and Our People

  • Emergency contact 24/7, 365 days per year
  • Unbiased expert advice, using UK partners
  • Ethical sourcing and trading wherever possible
  • Great products and great service are produced by great people

GEM Vending

Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing

  • Committed to providing FREE nutritional information to all via our QR code and nutritional smart site to help provide useful information and educate our customers on ‘mind-full’ snacking.
  • Developing our extensive range of snacks with new healthier alternatives, to give choice
  • Continually advertise and promote the attributes of healthier choices to develop understanding.

Our Environment and social and Community Focus

From the farmers who supply the milk and coffee to our partners, to the communities where we operate and service, from our employees who supply our services to our customers who consume our products, we have a social responsibility to make a positive impact on everyone.

  • We are committed to buying responsibly and using ethical partners
  • We source the most energy efficient machines on the market with 90% coming from UK suppliers
  • Minimising our carbon footprint and social impact be using the latest technology and information available.

What we do today will affect our future tomorrow