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1. We’re hoping to find a new vending machine supplier that can cope with the heavy volume of sales made through our machine. We’re fed up with seeing an ‘out of order’ sign on the front of the machine and our present supplier just doesn’t respond in time – causing lots of frustrations all round. Can GEM Vending help?

Absolutely! Truthfully, there’s not a lot between one vending machine and another. What sets them apart is the expertise of the company operating the machine. At GEM Vending we know how frustrating an “out of service” machine can be and how it can reflect badly on you and your organisation. That’s why we’ve invested in more reliable vehicles, new mobile communications technology, and an IT infrastructure that helps us identify a fault – often before you’re even aware that there’s a problem. We are proud to employ friendly people who care.

2. Can we get a machine that takes tokens?

Yes, we can certainly supply you with a machine that accepts tokens or many other options to provide for a cashless purchase. We now have “smart chip” technology allowing you to either subsidise the cost of drinks, or even make them free. Just tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll make it happen.

3. We operate a health club and would like to put a machine in the reception area for our members. Obviously though we want to make sure we only offer healthy, nutritious snacks. Does GEM Vending offer that?

Yes, we have a wide variety of healthier products, all of which are clearly identifiable by a green dot. These offer sensible low-carb and low fat choices and are a solution for a variety of different eating plans from low fat, low sugar, or gluten free. We can offer your members and visitors a range of snacks and drinks that mirror the healthy outlook of your business. In addition to this, every GEM Vending machine displays a QR code which links directly to a free nutritional smart site so they can check the facts before they purchase.

4. What about a revenue sharing scheme?

That’s just one of the various contract choices you can have. We’ll tailor a plan to your requirements and explain all the features and benefits of each scheme until we identify the one that’s right for you.