Coffee Vending Machines

Coffee vending machines come in many sizes and shapes. Here’s at GEM Vending we have them all! We’ve been in business since 1968 so we have the experience as well as the machines to ensure we supply you with what you need.

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  2. We can supply stock, maintenance and training and you can buy or rent machines from us
  3. What you need may be a coffee vending machine or a hot drinks machine that serves more than just coffee. We can help you sort this out.

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keurig coffee vending machine

Keurig hot drinks machine

Cartridge Coffee Vending Machine Trial

We stock a range of cartridge fed coffee machines from Keurig to Mars which look stylish and are perfect for smaller companies or board rooms where a quickly served, quality coffee is needed. Once you have the machine you will also be able to get other cartridges such as Twinings teas and hot chocolate.

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N&W Solista coffee machine

Small Coffee Vending Machines

A reduction in size doesn’t necessarily mean a reduction in quality of the coffee. We have a range of small but perfectly formed coffee machines to fit any location, all offering barista quality coffee.

You have the choice of in-cup machines that brew your favourite coffee in a disposable cup or systems that allow your drink to be poured directly into your favourite drinking vessel.

Crane coffee vending machine

Crane Genesis coffee vending machine

The N&W Solista fresh bean to cup table top coffee machine is very popular boasting an elegant display and high pressure espresso technology.

Another favourite is the Crane Genesis Coffee machine which can be a tabletop machine or it can be paired with a stand. This also can serve up a professional tasting coffee as well as fresh brewed tea. Boasting a coin receiver you can choose what amount, if any, needs to be paid.

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Floor Standing Coffee Vending Machines

Ideal for large offices, call centres and busy reception areas, floor standing coffee machines can handle the requirements for high footfall areas. We provide machines from a number of UK manufacturers including Coffetek, Westomatic and Crane.

All machines can be tailored to dispense a range of drinks of your choosing, including ethically sourced coffee, as well as tea, soups and hot chocolates.

Have you considered installing an all in one coffee station? These can be designed to promote your brand image and include integrated bins, cup and lid dispensers.

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small coffee machine

Coffetek Vitro Espresso Fresh Bean

Touchscreen Coffee Vending Machines

Keep your staff and visitors energised with gourmet bean to cup brewing systems. Touch screen machines are simple and easy to use and add a modern touch to your working environment.

These machines are available as either a tabletop or a freestanding option, making them suitable for most environments.

Speak to one of our team of friendly engineers who will be more than happy to help you fulfill the coffee needs of your team. Contact us by calling 0800 781 4306 or emailing