Leisure and Sports Centres

At GEM Vending, we are experts in understanding and providing solutions and services for vending machines in Sports and Leisure facilities across the UK.

GEM Vending have been providing Vending services to Sports and Leisure facilities for many years, becoming experts in understanding the needs and demands of this fast paced environment. We can provide a seamless service, from solution to installation and then compliment it with the finest choice of products to enhance the consumer experience.

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Healthier vending

Many Sports and Leisure facilities are looking to promote a healthier lifestyle, which is why we offer a range of healthier vending solutions Leisure main bodyand access to FREE nutritional information to every customer and consumer via of QR code and nutritional smart site. Your customers needs to stay healthy, hydrated and energised so let GEM help.

Our healthier choices are also popular in schools, universities, and health centres. But of course, some people like to treat themselves a little after swims, football matches, and particularly demanding workouts. That’s why, alongside the healthier alternatives, most gyms and sports centres also provide their customers with a choice of their favourite crisps, sweets, chocolate bars, and cold drinks.

Tailored solutions

Whichever approach you choose to take for your gym and sports centre vending machines, at GEM Vending we specialise in tailoring our vending solutions based on our clients’ specific needs.

Not only can we stock your machines with your unique choice of products, we can also provide exactly the level of service you require – whether that’s our convenient fully-managed service, our self-operated service, or a bespoke arrangement of your own choosing. It’s entirely up to you.

For more information, or to request a free trial vending machine for your gym or sports centre, call us on 0800 781 4306, or email sales@gemvending.com.