Hospitals & Healthcare Vending Machines

GEM Vending can provide the perfect solution for customers in the Healthcare Industry. With experience in designing healthier vending solutions for our current clients, and working with CQuin guidelines, we can design and install a bespoke solution for your customers too

Providing a convenient, healthier and cost effective solution to a vending machine requirement is normally a difficult line to walk but here at GEM we have it covered. At GEM we understand the need to promote a healthier lifestyle and to help educate our consumers. Working alongside many of our customers within the healthcare industry we have developed vending machine solutions with the healthcare user in mind.

  1. We have developed a range of healthier products and alternatives to be displayed within our vending machines to compliment a standard offering
  2. We display QR codes for users to scan to get nutritional information prior to purchase, helping to educate our consumers
  3. Green dots now show alongside products within our vending machines enabling consumers to make an easy informed choice


Level of Service

Depending on your requirements you could opt for a fully managed service where we source, stock, service, maintain and stock the vending machine meaning you don’t need to worry about a thing. Alternatively if you just want to buy the most up to date vending machine and training for your staff we can do that too. To read a bit more on our service offering see the below links:

Fully Managed Vending Service Vending Machine Maintenance Self Operated Vending Service
 Fully Managed Service Contract Self Operated Training


Vending Machines Available

We work with some of the best vending machine manufacturers in the world some of which are British all of which are reliable and technologically advanced. We can supply many types of vending machines including floor standing or table top, snack or drinks, hot or cold, fresh or powdered content. We also supply vending machines that combine some of these options. For more detail please view the specific pages below:

 Cartridge Coffee Vending Machines  Floor Standing Coffee Vending Machine  Small Coffee Vending Machine  TouchScreen Coffee Vending Machine
 Cartridge  Floor standing  Touch screen Small


Contact Us

If you need help building a solution or already have one in mind please give one of the team a call on 0800 781 4306 or send an message. We’ll go through your requirements and if needed we’ll book a site visit to make sure that the solution we build is a success.


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