Reverse Vending – Reducing Plastic

Recycling Update . . .

A Reverse Vending Machine is a device that accepts used/empty beverage containers and returns money to the user. These machines are already popular in countries that have mandatory recycling laws or container deposit legislation.

With all the recent press on reducing the impact on the environment and stepping up our recycling habits, the war to on plastic waste is gaining momentum.

A range of high-profile businesses have committed to plans like, eliminating plastic packaging from brand products, sourcing packaging from renewable, recycled or certified sources or producing all plastic bottles from 100 percent recycled plastic by the year 2025.

Morrisons reverse vending machineMore recently, Morrisons has announced it will begin trialling reverse vending machines which will allow customers to return single-use plastic bottles. The first two machines will be on a 6 month trial basis and are destined for branches in North Yorkshire and South Lanarkshire.

Customers can return a maximum of 20 bottles a day in return for points coupons and the machines will accept all plastic bottles that have a barcode and the supermarkets own-brand bottles that may not have one. Alternatively they can choose for 10 pence to be donated to the supermarket’s charity partner, CLIC Sargent.

The supermarket will be listening to customers response to the machines during the trial to understand how they can be used to reduce the impact of plastic on the environment.

Here at GEM we will continue to keep you updated on any recycling news as we receive it.