Sugar Tax

Sugar Tax ImageThe Sugar Tax is Coming . . .

We will soon see the introduction of a new tax aimed at improving the health of the nation – The Sugar Tax. This tax will be levied on cold drinks from April 2018.

What is the Sugar Tax? 

Also known as the sugary drink or soda tax, the sugar tax is a surcharge  designed to reduce the consumption of drinks with added sugar.  Drinks covered under the sugar tax will include carbonated soft drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks.

Why Implement a Sugar Tax? 

The tax is aimed at discouraging unhealthy diets and offsetting the growing economic costs of obesity.  It has been a matter of debate – with beverage producers often opposing it and national medical associations claiming the tax could bring significant health benefits by cutting rates of tooth decay, weight problems and type2 diabetes.

How will it Work?

The tax will be levied at a lower rate and higher rate. The higher the sugar content the higher the tax.  You can of course look for low sugar alternatives   which will not be affected by the new tax – and GEM can offer plenty of choices in our machines.

What is GEM doing about the Sugar Tax? 

We have been busy working in partnership with all of our suppliers and are proud to say that only one product in our entire range will be subject to the sugar tax from April 2018 – so no extra tax to pay on most of GEM Vending products – for more information check out the posters on our machines!