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Human Habits – Easy to pick up . . . but not so easy to break!

Some habits affect us and the environment far more than others and Britain’s desire for coffee-on-the-go and cold drinks in disposable plastics is creating concerns for us all.

With the ever growing number of press articles and science research programs like Blue Planet informing us and making us more aware, with our commitment there is something that each and every one of us can do however small.

At GEM we accept we cannot change the world or even just the industry alone – BUT we can do our bit. We want to offer our customers a choice of how they take their drinks and can do this through the variety of machines we offer.

Our Table Top Machines . . . With user friendly touch screens and energy efficient lighting, YOU can be environmentally friendly too!  By using your own cup or mug you eliminate the need for paper or plastic cups. Cuimage of vitro s4 instant side and cupp sensors ensure the machine only vends when the cup is there – so no mess.  Machines with adjustable cup holders allow coffee pots and thermo jugs to be used. .

So you can still have exceptional coffee at the push of a button, wherever and whenever – without damaging the environment!

Our Water Coolers . . . Check out our water coolers which are designed for flexibility on many levels. We supply machines with large dispense areas and encourage people to use refillable water bottles.

You can pick a chilled water cooler designed to accommodate any size bottles, flasks or jugs. So hydrate for longer and eliminate the need for paper or plastic cups!

Our Larger Machines . . . Are now fitted with cup sensors allowing people to insert a mug or cup of their own rather than the repeated automated drop of disposable cups.

Gem cup for lifeSo come on people, let’s start to break old habits and try a new approach. . . . Think about what your drink is going IN before pushing the button!

Did you know ? . . . We now sell cups for life with lids for you to give to your workforce!  For more information email us at sales@gemvending.com or give us a call on 01773 765000.