Birchall Tea

Image of a box of Birchall Tea

There’s nothing like a good cup of tea.

But can you get a decent cuppa from a vending machine?

Well the answer is yes and here’s how we do it . . .

At GEM we believe the key is in the quality of the tea. That’s why we only use Birchall Great Rift loose leaf tea in our vending machines. Gone are the days of pre-brewed dehydrated instant tea, limiting options on strength and variation. Nowadays tea can be used in vending machines just as easily as coffee to freshly brew delicious hot drinks prior to serving the finest tea on the market.

Birchall Tea. Imporient UK Ltd . . . is a family owned London tea company dating back over 140 years. Their black teas are sourced exclusively from estates across East Africa; from Rwanda through to the Great Rift Valley in Kenya where the very best teas can be found. Tea bushes are grown slowly, at high altitude and relatively low temperatures.  This develops greater flavour before the leaf bud and tender stem are hand plucked.  Birchall never compromise on quality and their tea consists of 100% pure main grade black leaf tea with no powder, dust or stalk added.

Rainforest Alliance LogoEthically Sourced Tea . . . GEMs relationship with Birchall started many years ago when Steve Gallagher, our Chairman was on a tea tasting visit in Rwanda and came across Imporient Tea.  Back then a small company producing good quality tea, taking 12 weeks from freshly picking the tea to packaging.  Steve went to see the production and ethical standards for himself and in doing so then came across the Noel Orphanage . . . but that’s another blog  . . . .

So, yes you can get a great cuppa from a vending machine . . . GEM Vending machines produce and deliver the finest fresh leaf tea. Sourced from East Africa’s finest tea gardens this award winning tea is bright, strong and bursting with flavour . . . so why not try one today!