How to make a proper cup of tea

Among some of the most popular topics of discussions in the workplace such as best chocolate bar, best dunkable biscuit is the renown debate of “how to make a proper cup of tea”. There are many opinions on this topic from changing the order of ingredients to timings. At GEM Vending we are passionate about our brews, which is why we supply some of the most technically advanced hot drinks vending machines on the market. But to set the record straight we’ve produced this infographic which, if followed correctly, is scientifically proven* to produce the perfect cup of tea.

We can all agree that having a cup of tea at work helps break up the day and adds a bit of a boost to our energy levels. Let us know if you prefer our scientifically proven method or if you have your own proven method to make a proper cup of tea!

how to make a proper cup of tea infographic

The brave scientists who undertook this research were from the University of Northumbria’s School of Life Sciences and their article can be found here