Benefits of Drinking Coffee in the Work Place

There are health benefits to drinking coffee;

Lifestyle . . . Coffee is one of the world’s most commonly consumed beverages with lots of us visiting coffee shops on a daily basis. As well as the obvious social and wellbeing benefits meeting for a coffee can bring, recent reports suggest drinking coffee can lower the risk for various causes of death and just one cup of coffee could, in fact, extend a person’s life by up to 9 minutes a day.

Health Improvement . . . Drinking coffee may also be having other unexpected health benefits too. Black coffee not only gives a jolt of caffeine in the morning but it’s low in fat and calories and contains antioxidants and health boosting compounds. These are said to help combat insulin resistance, lower inflammation, reduce circulatory and digestive diseases, improve liver function and immune response and may even help curb certain cancers.

3 Cups a Day . . . Following coffee’s long standing reputation of being unhealthy, research now suggests this isn’t the case and that moderate coffee drinking – that’s up to around 3 cups a day – isn’t actually detrimental to your health. To the contrary coffee can be incorporated into a healthy diet and lifestyle and both men and women can benefit from its positive health effects.  So go ahead and enjoy your coffee. If you’re not a coffee drinker maybe it’s time you changed your mind and considered a cup!

Coffee Variety . . . With the growing number of cafes and the rise in popularity of coffee it has led to an improvement in the variety and quality of coffee on the market and in the workplace. Bog standard coffee granules no longer always please the palate and instead employees may prefer a fresh bean espresso from their coffee machine.