Contactless Vending Machines

Mobile and Contactless Vending Machines payment

One of the subjects that comes up for discussion regularly with our customers is whether they should be choosing one of the contactless vending machines. Our answer is always “it depends on your consumer”. When contactless first came out, adoption in the UK was slow. However, recent studies indicate that contactless payments are a huge growth area as more technologies adopt this convenient method of payment.

What are Contactless Vending Machines

Contactless payment systems can come in many forms including credit cards, debit cards, smart cards or mobile devices that use near field communication (NFC) for making secure payments. This technology enables the consumer to place their contactless device on to or near a reader on the vending machine to make their purchase. Purchases can be made with any contactless enabled device such as credit and debit cards or NFC wallets (Apple Pay, Google, PayPal) on mobile devices.

What are the Benefit of a Contactless Vending Machines?

There a number of benefits to using contactless vending machines including:

  • Consumers use less cash – There is already a huge trend for consumers to pay for their coffees, snacks and other items using contactless technology. A recent study has already shown that cash used to make up 64% of sales in 2005 which has dropped to 45.1% in 2016 and is set to fall by a quarter by 2025
  • Security – Financial Fraud Action recently commented on how low fraud is on contactless payment devices with 2.8m of losses in 2015 especially when compared to money theft
  • Convenience – The consumer doesn’t have to dig around for correct change, or carry any coins. No worrying about new coin changes

One of the main advantages we can see for our customers is that contactless vending machines may lead to larger individual sales. The convenience of being able to pick up a Coffee house quality coffee before heading to work is now met with the convenience of contactless payment!

The convenience is not only for the consumer as having a contactless vending machine is likely to result in a decrease in hidden costs such as emptying and managing the cash, less risk of vending machine cash theft and maintenance for worn out coin mechanisms.

What Contactless Vending Machines do GEM Vending Stock?

We stock many vending machine types from manufacturers that lead their field such as Crane, Coffeetek and N&W. For more information on our machines and which are contactless please contact us directly on 0800 781 4306 alternatively send an email. We also provide a free vending machine trial so that you can be sure you’re making the right investment. Just ask us for more information or fill in the form online.