Time for tea

As most of you may know by now, GEM has been working with OHSO Scrummy since May this year. Some of you may have even tried some of their scrummy cakes and sweet treats from our vending machines. In response to some fantastic feedback, we have now launched our ‘Afternoon Tea’ machine filled cake-machine-013with a choice of delightful cakes, brownies, muffins, cookies and biscuits to go alongside your favourite Latte, Cappucino, and Freshly Brewed cup of Tea, giving you warmth and comfort throughout winter.

After trialling the machine for a week at the GEM office, all our staff are sad to see it go, but we are excited to introduce many of our customers to the delicious variety of treats inside. ‘Afternoon Tea’ is making it’s debut during late October, so keep a look out as it might be coming to your site soon! You can follow us on Social Media to find out what new is coming next.

If you think that the ‘Afternoon Tea’ machine will be well received on your site, give us a call on 01773 765000 to apply for a free trial