Update and Final Fundraising!

Rak and Asa have now settled back into normality from their exhilarating challenge of climbing Mount Toubkal in Marrakesh Morocco. It took the guys a total of 21 hours and over 3 days to complete the challeIMG_1446nge. They have their fair share of injuries, but they have managed to complete this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity. All the
money raised by both Rak and Asa has been donated to The Point Foundation, and will be used to help the disabled orphans in Rwanda.

The total amount raised by Rak and Asa is £2817.00!

During 2014, the Rwanda‘s Governments policy was to close all of its state orphanages and restore abandoned children and orphans back to family members or foster families. Unfortunately this left 30 disabled children and youth abandoned with no solution for their future. With disability still seen as a stigma and shame these young people are the lowest priority.IMG_1545

The Gallagher Trust, supported by The Point Foundation have now launched Homes4Life to restore these broken life’s and provide a safe family environment, improved nutrition and above all restoring respect and dignity free from institutions. No longer shut away from the world they are blossoming and becoming part of the community.

The successful trip was celebrated, among others at our charity Golf Event at Erewash Golf Club on Wednesday 8th June. A very well attended event. Thank you to all in the vending industry for your generous support.

It’s not too late to donate!IMG_1567

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