We are excited to hear that one of our partners PepsiCo have announced that they will be increasing their focus on “Guilt-Free” products such as diet beverages and low-in-sodium snacks

PepsiCo CEO, Indra Nooyi, said during the recent results call that Pepsi had been shifting its beverage range to lower-calorie products and increasing the nutritional profile of the company’s snacks and foods in order to accelerate growth in strategically advantaged subcategories.

“Guilt-free products account for approximately 45% of our portfolio by revenue, and the growth of our everyday nutrition products, which accounts for a quarter of our global net revenue, is outpacing the growth of the balance of the portfolio,” she said.

“Globally, just 12% of our revenues come from trademark Pepsi and less than 25% comes from carbonated soft drinks on a global basis,” Nooyi said in a conference call last week.

The focus on increasing PepsiCo’s nutritional profile has also seen the introduction of products such as Smartfood Delight, reduced fat Doritos and gluten-free Quaker Oats.

PepsiCo’s new healthier products have had a positive effect in the first quarter, with Mountain Dew Kickstart posting 34% volume growth after generating more than $300m in estimated retail sales in 2015.

Smartfood Delight grew over 75% volume during the first quarter while the reduced fat Doritos grew 30%.

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We at GEM cannot wait to see what they come up with, let’s hope it reaches the UK market soon.

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