Asa and Rak 6 Week Countdown to Toubkal

GEM Vending’s Rak and Asa are heading off on a 5 Day Trek to reach the summit of Toubkal, Marrakech the highest mountain in North Africa…Massive challenge for an amazing cause.


There are now 6 weeks to go until Asa and Rak embark on this challenge of a lifetime, pushing themselves in an effort to provide Homes4Life for the forgotten and homeless disabled orphans from The Noel Orphanage in Nyundo.

The trek will be from the 23rd May 2016 – 27th May 2016 and will be physically challenging and require a lot of training and preparation to get ready for it. Follow Rak and Asa’s journey here as they prepare during the next 6 weeks.

If you would like to help or find out more about this amazing cause, please click the links

During 2014, the Rwanda‘s Governments policy was to close all of its state orphanages and restore abandoned children and orphans back to family members or foster families.

Unfortunately this left 30 disabled children and youth abandoned with no solution for their future. With disability still seen as a stigma and shame these young people are the lowest priority.

The Gallagher Trust, supported by The Point Foundation have now launched Homes4Life to restore these broken life’s and provide a safe family environment, improved nutrition and above all restoring respect and dignity free from institutions.

No longer shut away from the world they are blossoming and becoming part of the community.

With the help of people like Rak & Asa and your support we can continue to provide Homes4Life.

Rakesh Ladva joined the GEM Sales Team in June 2013 and has not only demonstrated his zest for life and fun, but a real compassion helping others where he can, now he’s really putting himself out there.

Asa Shelton is our Apprentice Engineer joining GEM Vending in 2015 and he has added an element of youth and enthusiasm for everything new to our technical team. At just 18 years old he is totally embracing the challenge.

Update: 14/04/2016

The guys are now underway and are training hard for Toubkal. Rak and Asa have also started gathering all the equipment that they need for the Trek and have bought the shoes that they will use for the climb and have been wearing them around the office to break them in!

trainers 001

trainers 003