Healthy Vending Machines in Hospitals & Gyms

New Guidelines To Tackle Obesity & Diabetes

The National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE) has issued a new quality standard to define best practice in tackling the issue amid a huge increase in the number of youngsters suffering from Type 2 Diabetes – a condition until recently found almost entirely in adults.

Its seven guidelines include that ‘vending machines’ in local authorities and NHS venues such as hospitals, clinics and leisure centres should offer healthier alternatives to the crisps and fizzy drinks. We here at GEM Vending pride ourselves in offering our customers a healthier option.  We have specialised in a selection of choices and healthier products for over 4 years now. Our machines feature a ‘Green Dot’ to identify the healthier snacks available to the consumer to help our customer make good informed choices. We also offer QR codes on our machines for customers to access free nutritional information via their smartphones. No purchase is necessary as the QR code is on the front of all machines. This allows our customers the chance to find out detailed nutritional content before any purchase is made.

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