Gem Vending Up-to-date with Latest Allergen Labelling Legislation

Food labelling is very important, especially to those with food allergies due to the potentially serious consequences from eating foods they are allergic to. From 13th December 2014, allergen labelling rules have changed. The new regulation builds on current allergen labelling provisions for prepacked foods, and will introduce a new requirement for allergen information to be provided for foods sold non-packed or prepacked for direct sale. In response to this new legislation, Gem Vending are placing a sticker on all of our hot drinks machines to ensure that our customers are fully informed about the ingredients of our products.

This new sticker will accompany our existing QR Code sticker, which was implemented in October 2012. The QR Code enables our customers to access free nutritional information on all products in our hot drink, cold drink and snack machines – no purchase necessary. At Gem Vending, we believe that our customers should be able to make an informed choice on the products that they purchase, and we understand the importance of having a balanced diet. For more information please read about our Healthy Vending Machines.

Allergen Labelling & QR Code