Well done & Congratulations to an Inspirational Lady!

As you know, Gem Vending provides all customers with QR codes on their vending machines giving free nutritional advice for products, our chosen partner, who design and manage this for us is brand marketing agency Just Peel.  

Managing Director of Just Peel, and our good friend, Alison Hobson, is a strong supporter of Meningitis Now and has been raising money for the charity for many years. Although 2013 and 2014 have been her busiest years to date…

What has Alison been doing?

In September 2013 Alison ran the Great North Run (half marathon), and then in October 2013 she completed the Dublin Marathon. If that wasn’t enough, this month Alison has taken on her biggest and hardest challenge – The Great Wall Run 2014. This was a 52km running challenge which saw her and the team complete two half Marathons, plus an additional 15km run in the shadows of the Great Wall, and experienced trekking on the Great Wall of China.

What’s Alison’s Inspiration?

Alison’s inspiration for all of these amazing achievements is her Alison Hobsondaughter Lillie-Beth, who contracted Meningococcal septicemia when she was just 5 years old almost losing her life.  Alison, her husband and family had the most horrific 2 weeks not knowing if Lillie-Beth would survive this cruel disease. Fortunately today she is a healthy and normal 11 year old without any known side effects.  But whilst they were in hospital not knowing what was going to happen, they were in very close contact with Meningitis Now who provided the vital support and words of comfort that they needed at the time.  From the day that they knew that Lillie-Beth was going to recover, Alison pledged to raise money for the charity that was their lifeline during a terrible and traumatic time. They provide the help and support for families who have been affected by meningitis.  

Alison and her husband Garry, are well aware how lucky they are that they still have Lillie-Beth, and by doing these challenges they hope it makes a difference to all of those families who are affected by this cruel horrible disease.

A Massive Well Done Alison!!!

We would like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE well done and congratulations to Alison from everyone at Gem Vending for completing her latest challenges. So far, Alison has raised over £5,000, which is just fantastic.



So whats next?

Not wanting to stop here, Alison and Garry had a vision to create a national meningitis awareness month and so May Madness For Meningitis was born.  In May next year they are encouraging as many people as possible to get involved in fund raising and raising awareness.  They are asking people to either:

Give something up for 31 days and pay £31 to the charity

Or set themselves a challenge for 31 days in May and raise £310.

You can sign up at www.maymadness.co.uk

  • Alison has committed to running 10 miles every day for 31 days – 310 miles
  • Garry will run 3 miles every day and stop drinking alcohol for the month of May
  • Lillie-Beth will not have fizzy drinks and chocolate for the entire month.

Please encourage people to get involved – they can follow us on facebook


They are getting more and more people signing up every day but need more – they want to encourage individuals/schools/workplaces to get involved.  The target is to have at least 1000 people in May next year each aiming to raise £310 with an additional 1000 people giving something up and giving £31 – if they achieve that – they would collectively raise £341,000!

You can hear Alison on the radio talking about her visit and her next initiative: