The Point Foundation – Christmas at The Noel Orphanage

Today I am back at the Noel and ready to meet the next challenge.

Next Wednesday Steven and James arrive in time for Christmas and I can’t wait to see them.

They have been busy fundraising to buy every Noel child a Christmas gift. To date they have raised over £2,000 and I am so proud of them, and so grateful to all those people who have donated their hard earned money.

They have bought teething rings for the babies and tee-shirts for every child over 10 years old. All the other children have been bought toys here in Kigali. In total we will have purchased more than 550 gifts. The Point Foundation office will become a grotto and Steven will become Santa. I guess James and I will become elves!

Shelly & Kim sorting Tshirts

The Point Foundation are paying for Christmas lunch and we will all watch a Christmas film to finish the day………a real treat for any Rwandan child.

It will be a simple Christmas but one I think we will never forget.


Sharon Gallagher