Life at The Noel Orphanage in Rwanda – Diary of Sharon Gallagher (Entry 4)

The End of Our Trip – October 2010

The day we left The Noel in October 2010, I knew that I would soon return. For the remainder of my holiday, and during the months to come, I could not get the sights and sounds of the orphanage out of my mind.

I found it difficult to carry on with life without comparing every situation to what I had seen back in Rwanda.

Despite the poverty of their lives, The Noel children’s faces rarely could be seen without a smile.

It is difficult to believe, but they truly appreciate every little thing they have, and completely shower you in love and gratitude.

So content with so little.

Smiling Faces at The Noel Orphanage in Rwanda


Sharon Gallagher

Manager at Gem Vending Ltd