Life at The Noel Orphanage in Rwanda – Diary of Sharon Gallagher (Entry 2)

Friday 22nd October 2010

Today was a day of high emotion.

Singing & Dancing at The Noel Orphanage RwandaAs we approached the boys’ rooms we heard singing. As we entered a group of boys aged 6+ began to sing for us, and sang our names in the songs. Then they began to dance and clap. It was all so emotional, and we both choked back tears. Steven did his loud whistles, which they loved and kept trying to copy. We took photos and kept saying our thank yous. There are so many smiling faces, all wanting to get your attention – it breaks my heart. We moved onto the next room, and the singing began when they knew that we were approaching, it was all so moving, it makes me cry as I write.

The boys toilets have been refurbished by The Point Foundation – but still the smell, the conditions, the work does not last. The problem all around is low expectation, so nothing seems to be looked after – quick deterioration.

The surrounding grounds have to be seen to be believed. It is a complete mess! Cattle everywhere, animal poo, rubble, mud, unkempt grounds – but a lot of it! Pigs, goats and chicken everywhere – all so unorganised, but so much potential to become self-sufficient.

 Grounds at The Noel Orphanage Rwanda

Before we left I persuaded Zebiah to show us the girl’s toilets and showers, which are due to be refurbished by The Point Foundation. She also took us to the infant block. I could have cried and cried – they were truly awful, the stench, the mess…

Girls Toilets at The Noel Orphanage RwandaGirls Showers at The Noel Orphanage Rwanda


I left with another heavy heart today, and my head is spinning. Can’t switch my head off.


Sharon Gallagher

Manager at Gem Vending Ltd