Good News for the Industry

CCE is investing £50m across three of its manufacturing sites in Great Britain. The chosen sites are the Wakefield, East Kilbride and Sidcup manufacturing facilities. The company have said:

“… this forms a crucial part of CCE’s strategy to grow its business whilst reducing the impact of its operations on the environment, with sustainable innovation at the heart of the £50m programme”.

Wakefield will enjoy an investment of approximately £30m to provide a new automated warehouse. This new facility will increase their storage capacity on site by 102%, and will enable products to be delivered directly to customers, which will save approximately 500,000 road miles a year.

East Kilbride will receive an investment of £5.4m, which will be put towards a number of projects. These projects include:

  • The introduction of a new energy‑efficient bottle blowing facility that will produce lightweight PET bottles, reducing the amount of PET required,
  • A packaging machine that removes the need to use cardboard in the packaging of multi-​pack products.

Sidcup’s investment will be £15m, and this money will boost their production capabilities. The sites capacity will be raised by an additional 20m cases of product per year with the introduction of a new canning line. Innovations in the technology used on the new canning line mean that it will use 20% less water, and it will help reduce the site’s carbon footprint by 610 tonnes in 2012.

Simon Baldry, MD of CCE in GB, said:

“We are committed to manufacturing in this country and are proud that 95% of what we sell is made in Great Britain. The £50m investment is crucial to developing our business in line with our fundamental objective to grow more, while minimising our impact on the environment.”